Sympathy for the Devil;
Hey, my name's Rose Parker! I'm a hunter who usually roams the country, but for the time being I'm living in New Orleans. But, if I do travel, I travel with my older brother, Victor, who may or may not be a demon... There also may be an angel in the mix, but that's for you to find out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Multi-Ship & Multi-Verse Blog, No Smut since mun is underage, and more info can be found in the About the Mun Page! Active in the Supernatural, TVD, TWD, Doctor Who, and Sherlock fandoms, but open to any fandom. PLEASE READ ABOUT THE MUN PAGE & VERSES! Thank you!


Rose had been hunting a monster for a while now. It took weeks just to find the damn thing, and only till just now was she on it’s tail. She walked through the dim street lights with a hand on her gun, and a conscious knowing as to where her knife was. Her feet pounded on the sidewalk making only the slightest noise in the deep silence.

Well, that was true, until she heard a loud sound coming from her left. She wasn’t sure if it was the monster she was hunting turning on her instead, or a harmless kitten, but she wasn’t going to take any chances.

Her arm flew up, gun in hand, as she stared into a dark alleyway, “Whoever’s there, you better come out.”


To Hell and Back ~ Rose & Mason



Rose didn’t imagine Hell as an unpleasant place for demons, but apparently she was wrong. But, after he explained, it made sense. Her eyebrows furrowed in concern before she spoke up once again, “Oh no, I can’t believe that… At least you made it out. And, Dmitriel is safe.”

   She was a smart cookie. He didn’t have to say the angel’s name for her to get it. He nodded. “Some things aren’t worth trade,” he muttered, offering a stiff smile. “And if ye know that, then good girl.”

"You’re right… I probably couldn’t make a trade even if I didn’t know the person." Rose let out a small chuckle, it was true. She wouldn’t be able to let some innocent die for the sake of her life. She’d probably feel guilty about it for the rest of her life, or die trying to save the person.

Open RP



"So, they’re even more nasty and troubling than before, huh?" Victor growled to himself; he really didn’t want to deal with cutting off some banshee’s head and then throwing it in a box, "Such pains in the asses, I swear.”

As the girl realized what his questions and statements were leading to his smile grew. She almost seemed dazed while his aura grew stronger. But, at this point, he didn’t know if he was helping her or just playing a game. Either way, he was satisfied, “Visions, huh? I haven’t met a lot of humans with that ability… Unless you aren’t human.” His grin grew as he shook her hand firmly, “I’m Victor Parker… brother of a hunter named Rose Parker. Maybe you heard of us in one of the visions you had, demon-human duo killing monsters together… We’re quite popular nowadays.”

Of course, they weren’t too popular, just enough for monsters to hate them as well as other hunters. The only reason his sister was sent to hell was because their name got out there too quickly. But, that wasn’t what he was focused on. He was waiting for her to realize that he dropped the ‘I’m a demon’ bomb on herThat was always fun.


"Rather routine annoyances. Personally? I wouldn’t go up against one for all the money in the world." Her head had been filled with the screams of a banshee multiple times, and it always felt as if she were standing right next to the creature. It was excruciatingly painful, and the memory of it almost gave her a headache. "I suppose ‘pain in the ass’ is one way to put it. One of the more understated ways."

Demon-human. Demon-human. The phrase seemed to be on a repeating record player in her mind. If what he said was true, that would mean that he was from the world that only showed itself to her in her mind. Blinking a few times in surprise, she looked up at him with a dark look in her eyes. “I have no idea what I am, if I’m human or not. I never had any family or known relatives, I just kind of.. exist.” Elle gave him a small nod, a flicker of recognition in her eyes. “Victor and Rose Parker. The names feel familiar on the tongue. I think.. I think I’ve heard of you before.. Not sure if I’ve seen you, but I’ve definitely heard of you.”

Beginning to make the connections in her mind, Elle was struck with the sudden realization that a demon was standing in front of her very eyes. That the things that were always just out of reach was suddenly standing right in front of her, something tangible, something she could touch. “So you would.. You would be able to help me then?”


Victor smiled in accomplishment, so their names were really getting around. He would brag about that one night, probably on a drunk escapade, but he’d definitely brag about it, “Good, ‘cause we’re kind of famous in these parts. I’m known as the strong, handsome demon hero, and my sister is known as the cute, ditzy human sidekick.”

Of course, now he was just having fun. Their names and who they were probably had gotten around, but other than that they were unknown. Also, if anything he was a sidekick, though he’d never admit it.

"Help you? Of course. Helping is my specialty." Another lie was added to the fire, if he really wanted to help this girl he’d bring bring her to his sister. Rose probably knew exactly what to do, and if Elle really wanted to know what was up that’s what’d he do.




"Well, a lot of the ones I meet aren’t killers either. But, I don’t study them or anything I just let them go." She shrugged lightly, "According to most it makes me… stupid. But, I don’t think there’s anything wrong on letting good monsters go.”


"Oh, jeez we really should." Rose nodded with a determined smile before pointing to her left. Something about people around made her feel like she belonged in this town more than before. So, she proudly stepped forward excepting him to keep up "Just follow after me."

"So, this Griffin guy… what is he?" She asked curiously, walking forward in leisurely pace, "Some kind of pyromaniac creature I’m assuming?"

'Monsters' seemed like a harsh exaggeration to Hugo, and he wondered what she meant by it. When she asked about Griffin's nature it finally clicked that perhaps they weren't quite on the same wavelength.


"Well, he’s not a creature exactly," Hugo began. "He’s humanoid. In fact, as far as I can tell he’s completely human. He just… uh, he’s a pyrokinetic."

It seemed strange, saying it out loud to someone who wasn’t a kinetic herself. It sunk in just how crazy it all sounded. Then again, Rose was claiming to fight monsters. What sort of monsters did she mean?

"Oh…" Rose then realized they were talking about two very different things. She didn’t hunt humans, not even if they were serial killers, just monsters, "Interesting… I don’t think I’ve met a pyrokinetic just yet."

This whole situation was a bit odd, but it didn’t seem to bother her. In fact, it made her feel slightly happy. She wasn’t hiding or lying, just speaking what was on her mind, “What about you, are you human?”




"You’d be surprised at the amount of people that try to kill me. It leaves you a bit suspicious." Rose pursed her lips with a small chuckle, "And, don’t get any funny ideas, but… A man of your size against little old me. If you take me by surprise, and I can’t pull out my gun, I’m a goner."


Unless you’re a monster then I’d have no chance anyway, Rose thought to herself, folding her arms tightly around herself. Of course, she had a silver knife in her boot and in her jacket, that would even out the fight a bit, but he didn’t need to know that.

Rose’s features lit up upon hearing it was his first visit, despite many others, she loved tourists. But, when he came to his second statement, any friendly notations seemed to disappear. Her suspicion once again rose; of course, he could’ve just been using a saying. Though, either way, it upset her.

"Why, are you so terribly important for many to chase after your demise?” The revenant asked, his voice holding droplets of curiosity. Never in his life had he seen her face, so he didn’t acknowledge the occupation the other held. Then again, Leon wasn’t the kind of individual who focused on the rest, for he considered himself as the only one valuable being around the globe—the downfall of an egocentric shape. 

He then tilted his head slightly, watching the abrupt alteration of features—from content, to mildly suspicious due to the comment he pronounced just a few moments ago. Nevertheless, as soon as he noticed such change, Leon allowed his gaze to direct itself downwards, almost as if he was innocently apologizing for his usage of past words. 


"I simply mentioned it due to the fact that we’ve all heard about them…legends, myths; creatures that crawl only when the bloody sun hides…we are prone to believe in them through the tales we’ve heard as children." He talked softly, a chuckle escaping his lips. "I didn’t mean it in a way where I knew about them—" He frowned, shaking his head guilelessly. Of course, he wouldn’t admit he was one of them—one of the outlines which dared to appear frequently at night. "—I was just wondering if you were familiar with them."

"Hm, I don’t know exactly…" It was a simple lie that she had told many times. She knew exactly why everyone was out to get her. She wasn’t only a hunter, who monsters despised, she had a demon brother who she was quite friendly with. She was a shame to the hunting community, and her brother was a shame to the monster community. That made her a target on many people’s hit lists, humans and breathers alike.

"Yes, I’m familiar with them… Isn’t everybody?" Her look of suspicion died down, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong with him. She wasn’t one to blindly follow her gut feelings, but she was adding them into the equation this once. She scuffled her feet against the floor before putting her hands solemnly into her pockets, "Like you said we grew up hearing about them…"

New Orleans~Knox & Rose



Rose scrunched up he nose to make a silly face at the girl hoping to get her to giggle, “Good instincts will get you far in life, cutie.”

She cautiously took Elizabeth from his arms before letting out a light-hearted laugh. She hadn’t felt this much joy since before she had been to hell. That queued a moment of horrible flashbacks where her smile disappeared almost instantly, but upon the seeing the girl’s cheerful face once again Rose decided to keep her smile up.

Elizabeth grinned at the face and gurgled. Knox knew she liked Rose. Maybe she could see the colors of her aura. He remembered his own childhood where he did see instances or flashes but they didn’t come into their own until puberty. Maybe with her mother’s nature they could mature earlier? Questions for another time.

He saw her aura shift for a moment,becoming darker then brightening at the sight of his daughter’s face. What had she gone through? He wanted to ask but he restrained himself. If she wished to speak of it, she would. For now, just enjoy the moment. “She really does like you. She fussed so much when Lirim first held her.”

"Someone who doesn’t like Lirim upon first seeing him, huh? What a rare occasion." Rose let out a light-hearted laugh; Lirim looked so trustworthy, even more than herself at least. Rose found it hard to believe that someone didn’t automatically lighten up to him, but kids are kids.

Rose shifted her weight to her other leg while adjusting her grip on Elizabeth. She continued making faces as the girl continued to enjoy them, “How long ago did she meet Lirim?”

Any Port in a Storm



"Well, I’m glad to hear that." Rose grinned widely in excitement, this would be fun.

She followed Cross closely, admiring the ship as they walked beside it. The Analeigha made her ship look like a grain of rice, not fit to fly. It wasn’t a long walk before she was inside the ship, and looking around curiously once again, “Oh! Do you travel with a crew or something? I knew this ship was a bit too big for one man.”


There was an innuendo in there somewhere. He blamed the curious light in her eyes for not being able to quite find it. And that was a feat. 


"I do, yes. Just a handful of misfits, really. Not the friendliest lot, but perfectly harmless." It was a bold-faced lie where over half the crew was concerned, yet it came out smooth as silk. "Don’t tell me you’re traveling all alone?”

"That sounds nice." Rose smiled, so there was more people to this ship that happened to flash television screens all the time. At this point, she couldn’t care less about the bounty, but that was an interesting fact to know, "Oh, for the most part I do. Sometimes my brother shows up, and sometimes his friends. But, usually it’s me and my lonesome. It’s actually quite peaceful, most of the time."




"Yeah, it was definitely the best place I’ve ever been, well, other than here. New Orleans is my favorite place in the world, and I’ve been to a lot of places.” Rose smiled broadly walking forward at a leisurely pace, “Yeah, the ocean was my home. I even wanted to be a professional surfer at one point, but that didn’t work out too well.”

Ty listened to her with a vacant smile. He hadn’t realized that he’d made it all the way to New Orleans. There were plenty of hits, but his brain hadn’t taken them. 

"That sucks, dude," he said. He might not be very good at surfing, but he thought it was fun. Good company, too, not only from the surfers, but the marine life, as well. They were always so curious about him, and so pretty to look at.

"Tell me about it." Rose gave a small grin before pointing ahead at her RV. It was parked on the side of the road in a prime condition. She walked towards it with her smile growing, "There she is.

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Ellie Goulding && Bright Lights
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Human || Ellie Goulding

I don’t know what it’s like to be alive,
To say goodbye,
To cry a thousand times because my ears won’t listen

Human, I’m trying not to lose my faith in you.
I’ve sussed out all that I’ve seen through,
I’ve sailed an ocean
I am so scared of what I’ll look like in the end
For I am not prepared,
I hope I will get the chance…

…to be someone
To be human, look what we’ve done, look what we’ve done

I would give my life to be human
I would give my life to be human
I would give my life to be human
I would give my life to be.