Sympathy for the Devil;
Hey, my name's Rose Parker! I'm a hunter who usually roams the country, but for the time being I'm living in New Orleans. But, if I do travel, I travel with my older brother, Victor, who may or may not be a demon... There also may be an angel in the mix, but that's for you to find out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Multi-Ship & Multi-Verse Blog, No Smut since mun is underage, and more info can be found in the About the Mun Page! Active in the Supernatural, TVD, TWD, Doctor Who, and Sherlock fandoms, but open to any fandom. PLEASE READ ABOUT THE MUN PAGE & VERSES! Thank you!
Dimmock-rp~ Closed RP

The demon inside Rose turned to the familiar man with a smile. She remembered bits and pieces about his story and remembered the mention of him being possessed before. She decided to play innocent at first; just to have a little fun, you know?

"Oh hey! Long time no see!" she replied giving an over exaggerated smile while trying to act human as possible.


posted 13 Jan 2013 @ 21:30